Are you tired of not being able to reach your desired weight loss goals? Our meal prepping is a smart, easy an affordable way to not only reach those goals, but blow them away with our CLEAN & HEALTHY MEALS! We have a wide selection of healthy pre-prepared portion controlled foods that are extremely appetizing and fulfilling.


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  • Chelsea M.

    These meals are super convenient! No more wondering what we will have for super. It is also a plus that these meals are filled with flavor so the kids love them! Thank you guys at Prime

  • Johnathan H.

    I went from 250lbs to 200lbs in just 6 weeks! Your meals and support system are amazing! can't wait to try the new meal options

  • Dianne B.

    My husband and I have been doing the Rapid Meals for 2 months and we have both lost over 45lbs. We can not thank you guys enough! We have been trying different meal preps for years and we have finally found something for us.

  • Rosie B.

    As a new customer to your meal prep, I was so nervous in the beginning but boy am I glad I started. You guys definitely do not scarifies the taste for health. I am glad to say I will be a returning customer

  • Caitlin R.

    I had no intention on losing weight when I started the program. I was just trying to maintain but after just two weeks I've loss 10lbs & I am NOT COMPLAINING!

  • Bethany N.

    THEY ARE FREAKING AMAZING!!! I am so glad I decided to do this. I was getting so burnt out on my own prepping. You guys really did a great job! So excited for next weeks meals!

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Healthy food with great taste!

Dont substitute healthy food for good taste! Instead do both. Our meals are cooked  every day, with high quality low sodium ingredients, so that your don't have to sacrifice the taste.