Are there any heating instructions?

Each meal is cooked to needed internal temperature when prepared. So all you have to do is heat to your desired temperature and enjoy!

We do highly recommend letting the meals thaw in the refrigerator the night before eating for best quality.

Am I guaranteed to lose weight?

We can not GAURENTEE that you will lose the desired weight that you want, but we can tell you that we have had tremendous success with several of our customers losing 50lbs+. That being said, weight loss depends upon your lifestyle and exercise choices, and one size does not fit all.

How long does food stay fresh?

The meals can stay fresh for up to 4 months in the freezer. Once thawed from frozen, meals will last 7 days at temperature of 40 degrees.

Do I need to cook anything?

Nope! Just take the meal of your choice out, vent the lid, heat to your desired temperature and enjoy.


What day is your order deadline?

The deadline for all orders is by MIDNIGHT on Tuesdays for the following Sundays pickup. Unless otherwise notified

Will I receive an email when my order is ready?

YouWILL NOTreceive any notification that your order is ready. Once your order is placed just bring your order number for Sundays pickup and we will have your bag waiting for you.

What is the minimum order quantity

The minimum quantity for each order is 10 meals. Your meals can be mix and matched as well so no need to pick from one category.


HELP! What Day is pickup?

Your order will be ready for pickup on the Sunday after the deadline to order which is on Tuesdays

Where are your pickup locations?

We currently have TWO pickup locations: 

Maurice address: 9611 Maurice Ave, Maurice La 70555

Youngsville address: 3903 Verot School Rd, Youngsville LA 70592

***If you so happen to choose the wrong pickup location. it is your responsibility to pick up your meals from whichever you order from.

What times do we pickup?

Pickup times:

Maurice: 11-4pm 


Can I walk in and purchase meals without ordering?

YES! we have Grab N Go coolers in store where you can pick as many meals as you like. NO minimum quantity required.

What happens If I forget to pickup on Sunday in Youngsville

No worries! If you somehow miss pickup day. We will bring your meals to our Maurice location to be picked up on the following Monday.

Check below for store ours